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Discussion in 'Help Me! (not Bug Reports or Suggestions)' started by VeeZa, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. VeeZa New Member

    Can someone pleas help me, I can;t connect to the Hive servers. I was able to until yesterday and I don't know why all of the sudden I can't, I can connect to any other servers but not hive.
  2. MrPigboy Well-Known Member

    What IP are you using?
  3. VeeZa New Member
  4. computerman11 Well-Known Member

    Should work...
  5. VeeZa New Member

    Exactly, that's what I don't understand. My friends can connect and I've tried restarting my modem multiple times.
  6. computerman11 Well-Known Member

    Is your connection good?
  7. VeeZa New Member

    Yes, I have over a 15mb/s speed, and I can connect to other EU servers.
  8. ToFurkie Artsy Fartsy Artist

    There may have been an error with your connection that may have messed up any mods you have on your Minecraft. I would post your error screen here so that we could be a little more precise on how to fix your issue. You could also jump the gun and force update your Minecraft to a new and clean minecraft.jar file. If that doesn't work, it could also be a log in error which would be on Mojangs end. However this is an issue that would span through many other accounts so if it's just you then this option is unlikely.
  9. VeeZa New Member

    I forced an update and that id not work so here's the error.

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  10. ToFurkie Artsy Fartsy Artist

    That is an error screen I have never seen before. I've seen a lot of code errors, Mojang errors, bad login errors, but I've never seen such a simple error screen. If it's really not your connection then I have no idea what it is because it literally says "connect" as the error. Last thing I can think of is rebooting your computer and trying again. I'd go ahead and contact a moderator, preferably JKapGaming, or an admin about this.
  11. Amzela Professional Ranter

    Interesting error...
    Are you possibly using some other launcher than your Vanilla launcher for this? That may be the problem.
    Make sure you are typing the IP correctly, even though you probably are.
    Also, sometimes the servers may be down. I would test a few times, wait a few minutes, then try again.
  12. weled Well-Known Member

    I sometimes get this, but when I use the old timv Ip's it works
  13. VeeZa New Member

    And what IP is that?
  14. VeeZa New Member

    The thing is I haven't been able to connect for 4 days.
  15. weled Well-Known Member
  16. VeeZa New Member

    Nope unfortunately that doe snot work either.
  17. weled Well-Known Member

    Do u have any old thb or timv Ip's saved? Or do u just have the 1 ip?
  18. VeeZa New Member

    just the one
  19. Baconburger7 Open Path Alpha Tester

    Well, if you take notes of recent downtimes in one of Ed's announcement posts, you are logging in to MC while the server is down. It should be fixed sometime soon-ish.

    Think that might be your problem?
  20. VeeZa New Member

    I fixed the problem, I reset my modem and its fixed!
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